SDDE-395 Beautiful nurses

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    Beautiful nurses work in a hospital on the outskirts of Tokyo. Because she is a good girl, easy-going and enthusiastic about her work, she is very loved by patients and colleagues in the hospital, but because of that, the hospital manager took advantage of her and played despicable tricks on her. He is always waiting for a good opportunity to carry out his evil intentions. After many times of waiting, she was finally brutally raped by him. Even though she resisted fiercely, she could not do anything against such a tall, strong body. She had intended to quit her job here, but if she quit, it would be very difficult to find a new job, and she still had to earn money to take care of her family, so she had to continue this job. in dissatisfaction and it also means that she also has to endure many hardships as a sex slave for the bastard manager.