Cristal Caitlin seduces her lover in the bedroom

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    Sexy Cristal Caitlin moves seductively, watched intently by Angelo Godshack, as Andrej Lupine's porno “Only She” begins. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds, the gorgeous brunette caressed herself inside her panties, looking at her lover. When he couldn't resist anymore, Angelo kissed her passionately, his hands and lips wandering over her body. He peeled off her white panties and spread her labia with his tongue, touching her skillfully. Cristal releases Angelo's erection from his briefs and sensually licks the head, rubs it between her breasts, then grips him and guides it into her tight pussy. Riding slowly, she slid up and down on his cock, gasping with arousal each time it filled her. Gradually she moved faster, circling her hips to feel each powerful sensation. They rolled over, entwining each other,  so Angelo could control the pace, relentlessly pounding into his lover. His thick cock brought her to an intense orgasm, then held her at the peak of pleasure until they climaxed together, his semen dripping out of her drenched pussy as they caressed each other through the light.