JUL-721 A female boss with big breasts was squeezed by an employee while she was asleep

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    I am an ordinary employee who often makes many mistakes that my boss, Uno, constantly scolds me for. Today too, due to my error, my partner called to complain. As a result, I had to work overtime to edit documents, and my boss also worked overtime to help me complete it. My boss's sexy body makes it impossible for me to resist. While my boss was dozing off, I risked my life to squeeze his breasts! My boss suddenly woke up and questioned me, but even if I died I wouldn't admit it. I thought my boss would be angry, but he wasn't! Seeing that, I immediately came up with an even bolder idea! I pretended to want a massage to help my boss feel less tired. Taking this opportunity, I immediately squeezed these giant breasts very hard! The boss pushed me away but it didn't seem like she was angry at all, right? Thinking that, I immediately took off her panties, pressed my face against my boss's pussy and sucked, using my fingers to make her orgasm over and over again! And just as I thought, my boss was not angry with me. The next day, while I was sitting in the coffee room playing on the phone, my boss came in to find me. It turned out that my partner complained, so I immediately apologized to my boss by... squeezing her breasts and touching her pussy. Sure enough, my boss wasn't angry at all and let me touch him freely. Before leaving, my boss reminded me that I had to work overtime today. And that night, I mustered up the courage to fuck my boss! And she also responded to my every click. Our secret relationship started from that moment on, we constantly used the excuse of working overtime to have the opportunity to fuck each other, whether at the company or at the boss's house...