DLDSS-052 wife in office fucking with boss

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    Mino and Sakura are colleagues. Once at a company party, Sakura was so drunk that she fell asleep. Mino saw that so he took Sakura home and took care of him. Sakura was touched by Mino's kindness. He continuously confessed his love to Mino. At first Mino also refused, but moved by Sakura's persistence, Mino agreed. Sakura's parents also wanted them both to quickly get married and have children, so Mino also agreed to get married soon and stay home to give birth to her husband's children. She didn't know that the director of both had been paying attention to Mino for a long time. Right when she went for the interview, he noticed and put her in the position of secretary to slowly make Mino his. But before she could "prepare" anything, she was preparing to get married. “But wouldn't it be more interesting to snatch someone else's woman?” And so he put Sakura in charge of a project, then used his connections to make her fail and owe her a huge amount of money. And he used that debt to force Mino to be his "mistress", in return he would pay the debt on her husband's behalf. At first, Mino agreed just because she wanted to save her husband. But gradually, the pleasure of making love that the director gave her made her gradually unable to stop. She wanted to have sex with the director more, they even fucked each other even when her husband was working outside the office...