NSFS-091 The husband cruelly let the neighbor fuck his wife

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    I am a bank employee. Because I was transferred to another place, my wife and I started a new life together in a strange place. Because they had just moved here, the couple went to greet their neighbors. Our neighbor is Kobayashi-san, an extremely kind, enthusiastic, friendly person, still single. After greeting each other, the couple went to buy soba to eat. When I returned, I saw Kobayashi-san. Seeing that my husband and I didn't know how to order over the phone, he enthusiastically ordered three meals for the three of us. So all three ate together. My wife also brought a bottle of red wine she found when moving out. Because they drank a lot, all three immediately fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I went into the room and was shocked to discover that Kobayashi-san's hand was on my wife's crotch! Immediately, my long helpless cock stood up! I discovered that I'm the type of person who likes to watch my wife being fucked by someone else! And from there, I made a plan so I could witness my neighbor fucking my wife. I took off my wife's underwear and stuffed them into his pocket. Invite him over to my house to drink again. Wait for his wife to get drunk and then take off her clothes so he can see. Then finally lay down the cards and tell him to fuck her!!!