AVSA-161 The weak husband watched his two bosses fuck his wife

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    Today is the ninth wedding anniversary of Yu and his wife. The two decided to eat hot pot together tonight. When he was about to return after work, Shinoda immediately met his two rude bosses. They invited him to drink, but because they wanted to go back and eat hot pot with Yu, Shinoda refused. They threatened him with the promotion to head of department, making him unable to do anything more than invite them home to drink together. While eating, these two bosses kept talking bad about Shinoda, always considering him to be their errand boy and unable to do anything useful for the company. After finishing eating, they forced Yu's husband to go buy cigarettes far away and left Yu and the lecherous director behind. He used Yu's husband's future as a threat to make her agree to serve and have sex with him. It didn't stop there, at night while she and her husband were sleeping, two bosses snuck in and made love to her, even ejaculating directly into her uterus in front of her weak husband.